About Us!

Marketing Super Hero Overlooks San Antonio, TexasWe’re small but mighty when it comes to marketing. So are our clients when it comes to their business.

Who are our clients? Small businesses and nonprofits. We specialize in crafting an affordable marketing strategy and the infrastructure to execute it successfully and sustainably.

Why are they our clients? After years of running a small business, working with small nonprofits, and time spent in the big agency experience, we recognized an underserved market.

We say “underserved” because while every business would benefit from the level of experience that comes with signing on with a big agency, unfortunately many small businesses and nonprofits simply are priced out of the game. Therefore, many of these organizations are left to figure things out on their own. Time that should be spent on creating efficiencies on daily operations is instead spent on trying to become a marketing expert just to save on costs.

Meet the Brains & the Brawn

Anne Gerber

Small but Mighty Marketing began in 2010 under the name Anne Gerber Marketing. Catchy name, right? I have always had a passion for small businesses since growing up watching my father build his small business in Toledo, Ohio. After growing up in a small business family, that need to #SupportLocal just never goes away. Since


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